Magnet Fishing License Requirements

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Magnet Fishing License Requirements

Do you need a license for magnet fishing?

While there isn’t a license specifically for magnet fishing (at least not just yet), we would recommend carrying your regular fishing license (though it may not be required). Sure you aren’t fishing for fish, but you are “fishing” for some cool objects and items—perhaps, even a treasure!

Fishing, among other activities in Virginia, is regulated by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. We spoke with a representative there and she informed us that since we were going to be fishing  with the intention of getting something out of the water, then it was strongly recommended that we have a fishing license (just in case a park ranger stopped us to check for one). However, when we decided to do some magnet fishing in Ohio, the Department of Natural Resources very clearly “required” us to carry a normal fishing license.

In conclusion, it is legal to magnet fish in the United States as long as you meet the requirements of the parks and lakes that you’re visiting. We personally recommend that you carry your fishing license at all times.

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