Fishing Magnet - 450 lbs Pull Force Strong Neodymium Round Hippo Fishing Magnet

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This Fishing Magnet has a pull force of 450 lbs and is good for a beginner. Do you enjoy searching for lost treasures underwater? Or simply looking to spend some quality time river fishing with the family? Well, you’ve come to the right place!


This listing is for a super strong Neodymium fishing magnet. It has a combined pull force of 450lbs. This magnet has a triple layer coating of NiCuNi, which gives it great durability in underwater conditions.


**Please note that the combined pull force of 440lbs is tested on an unpainted horizontal steel plate. In situations where it’s mounted vertically or on a painted surface, or where there is partial contact between the magnet and a metal object, the pull force may be reduced.


This monster magnet is great for:

-River or lake fishing (enjoy a fun time with family or friends!)

-Magnet fishing

-Underwater treasure hunting / retrieving lost or discarded items and historical artifacts

-Scrap salvaging


-Holding / hanging tools and/or other items

-Retrieving applications



-Combined Pull Force / Holding Power: 450lbs.

-Coating: NiCuNi Triple Layer Coated

-Material: NdFeB Magnet + Steel plate +  Eyebolt

-Base Diameter: 2.36 inches

-Base Thickness: 0.59 inches


Warning / Caution:

Please handle this magnet with care to prevent personal injury, property damage, and/or damage to the magnet. Children should never be allowed to handle neodymium magnets as they can be dangerous. Smaller magnets also pose a choking hazard for children. Keep this magnet away from electronic devices, bank / credit cards, metal and/or electrical body implants (such as pacemakers), etc. Never attempt to cut, saw, or drill a neodymium magnet – the resulting dust is highly flammable, and burning will create toxic fumes.