Fishing Magnet Kit - 2000 lbs Magnet with Case, Threadlocker, Rope and Carabiner

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This complete fishing magnet set comes with everything that you'd need to go magnetic fishing. The durable waterproof case proves protection against the magnetic force while housing your rope and carabiner. Threadlocker is already applied so you don't have to wait a single minute for it to cure. Just take it out of the box and you are ready to use it. It's huuuuuuuuuuge and is best for pulling rather than casting. It has a triple layer coating of NiCuNi, which gives it great durability in underwater conditions. It's suitable for anyone above the age of 18 years and older. Whether you are searching for lost treasures or wanting to spending some quality time with your family , this set will serve it's purpose. 

**Please note that the combined pull force of 2000lbs is tested on an unpainted 20 mm horizontal steel plate. In situations where it’s mounted vertically or on a painted surface, or where there is partial contact with a metal object, the pull force may be reduced.


This Super Monster Magnet is great for:

-River or lake fishing (enjoy a fun time with family or friends!)

-Underwater treasure hunting / retrieving lost or discarded items and historical artifacts

-Scrap salvaging


-Holding / hanging tools and/or other items

-Retrieving applications


Kit includes: 

2000 Lbs magnet

Professional heavy duty rope 

Professional grade carabiner

6 ml bottle of threadlocker



-Combined Pull Force / Holding Power: 2000lbs.

-Coating: NiCuNi Triple Layer Coated

-Material: NdFeB Magnet + Steel plate + 304 Stainless steel

-Base Diameter: 5 inches

-Base Thickness: 0.9 inches