2400 lbs Fishing Magnet with Threadlocker, Gloves, Rope and Carabiner

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This super strong Neodymium fishing magnet is rated at 2400 lbs pull force and boasts a triple layer coating of NiCuNi, which gives it a great durability in underwater conditions. This particular set comes with a 6 ml bottle of threadlocker, a pair of gloves, a rope and a carabiner.  

This set will be a great fit for magnet fishing or using it for underwater treasure hunting. It can also be used for lifting, scrap salvaging, retrieving, and/or finding historical artifacts underwater. 


Kit includes: 

2400 lbs magnet

Professional heavy duty rope 

Professional grade carabiner

A pair of gloves



-Combined Pull Force / Holding Power: 2400lbs.

-Coating: NiCuNi Triple Layer Coated

-Material: NdFeB Magnet + Steel plate + 304 Stainless steel

-Base Diameter: 5.5 inches

-Base Thickness: 0.78 inches